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My Skills

C#, VB.Net, ASP.Net, Web API, WCF, MVC, Webforms, responsive Web apps for mobile devices,  JavaScript, jQuery, SQL Server, Oracle, Winforms, AngularJS, Classic  ASP and .Net Development for new or existing applications, ADO.Net, LINQ, Entity Framework

Hello, I’m Sunil Dhaul 
About myself

I’m a developer/architect for .Net applications.

I am certified by Microsoft in C# and also as a MCSD  in web apps (Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer). I have over 15 years experience in development and architecting .Net apps. I have an undergrad degree in Engineering from IIT, Kharagpur,India and a Masters in same field from University of Toronto, Canada.

My LinkedIn Profile 

My StackOverflow Profile


My Skills

My primary skill is solid knowledge of end-to-end responsive web development for mobile and desktop, including back-end, middle tier and front end using ASP.Net MVC , ASP.Net Webforms, Classic ASP development,  CSS, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, WCF, Web API, Web Services, ADO.Net, Entity Framework including Code First, AngularJS, SQL Server Development, Oracle, Winforms apps, Telerik Kendo UI controls, Telerik ASP.Net AJAX controls, Telerik Winforms controlsDevExpress ASP.Net controls & DevExpress Winforms controls and VB.Net.

(Owner at KandooDevQ)

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